Just as your own life would improve if you were more organized, so would your child’s.

It’s about so much more than labeled bins for toys and chore charts with stars. Organizing their rooms – that is the simplest part! That is necessary of course, but not sufficient.

We need to take it further. Our children need to learn new habits of organization. They won’t necessarily learn them by themselves, and they won’t learn them by having us nagging at them and scolding them.

I will work with you and/or your child or teenager to make their room work on a physical level. Then, I teach you and your child new systems that keep the organization in place. At the same time, I train you to train your child – staying positive, firm and consistent. It really is possible!

What do you get
when your kids aren’t organized?
  • missed assignments
  • last-minute panic
  • arguments
  • short tempers
  • messy rooms
  • ruined carpets
  • extra work
Because you want
more from your children
  • cooperation
  • pride in their work
  • politeness
  • perseverance
  • best effort
Because you want
to be more
  • effective at motivating good behavior
  • proactive rather than reactive
  • influential – in a good way
  • in charge
  • loving
Because you want
to be less
  • nagging, threatening, bribing
  • annoyed at them
  • tense
  • impatient
  • frustrated
Because you want
  • hassles
  • wasted time
  • lost items
  • TV watching, game playing, texting
  • disrespect, attitude
You need to
  • train your children to be self-reliant
  • establish routines for recurring events
  • use checklists to teach remembering and thoroughness
  • clarify your expectations
  • learn to talk so they will listen

Please get organized – for your children’s sake. Please train your children to be organized – to maximize their chances of success at home and school now, at work and in the world later.

Certified Practitioner – Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting and Teaching program.

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