A picture is worth a thousand words…  Where would you rather work?
(More “before and after” photos to come.)

None of the photos used anywhere on this website are stock photos. They are not staged, generic, purchased or in the public domain.

All the photos are actual photos of actual living spaces belonging to my actual clients, or to my neat and organized friends, or to myself. All were taken by me on my little digital camera. These photos will change from time to time.

A big thank you to my clients and friends who graciously allowed me to show you their homes.

In this way, I want to show that homes like yours, lived in by people like you, can be organized, simplified and enhanced. These homes are:

  • individual not average
  • personal not bland
  • real not made up
  • evolving not static
  • lived in not sterile

Your home can be organized and still be:

  • artistic, whimsical – even quirky or eccentric
  • not designed by a decorator

You too can benefit from the services of a professional organizer even if you are:

  • not particularly wealthy – of average income
  • budget-minded – even penny-pinching
  • actually quite organized, not yet in desperate need
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