“… I work all over the world, involved in projects dealing with sustainability and ecological town planning (often several at once). There are so many details to keep track of, timelines to meet, people to communicate with, ideas to get across… Jill has helped me organize my papers, my huge amounts of resource materials, my workspace, in several different far-flung locations. Still waters run deep! Her calm presence and gentle humor don’t dilute her efficiency or thoroughness. I could not have fulfilled my various obligations nearly as well if I had not had Jill’s help. No reservations!”

PH  (architect – world traveler)


“I have worked with Jill on a variety of projects over the years, both professionally and personally. Professionally – she helped run the office of my learning centre in London. She designed forms to help with billing and other administrative tasks. She ran parenting skills training groups. Together we’ve written information booklets for parents and teachers. She’s organized events. She re-vamped our filing system. The list goes on and on. Personally – time and again she has helped me make sense of my endless “things to do.” She’s great at keeping me focused and helping me decide my priorities. She is truly someone who lives by her own rules. The best employee I ever had. And did I mention she’s my sister!”

NJN (educator, lecturer, author – London & US)


“When Jill comes over I know I’m going to be well taken care of.  I’m always changing things around in my house, and sometimes I get myself into a bit of a mess. My house is kind of unusual, but that doesn’t faze her at all. I can count on her to come over and put things in order again. She never makes me feel like I should already be organized which I really appreciate, since I can make myself feel bad enough already. “ 

ED (interior designer – Tucson)


“After Jill helped me organize around the house, I felt so much more clear in my mind. We worked on my closet, bath, bedroom, laundry room, pantry, kitchen, office. The more we did the easier it got and the better I felt. I saw that getting organized is not a luxury, even in today’s economy – it’s an investment in myself and my future. And I saw that getting organized is not just something you do once – it becomes a way of life!”

JJ (semi-retired domestic engineer – Tucson)


….and many more rave reviews available…


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