How we work
  • respectfully – it’s your stuff!
  • compassionately – with no judgment
  • so it’s personalized & practical – it’s got to work – for you
  • with complete confidentiality – private and safe
  • with a sense of humor – we can have fun doing this!
What you can expect

On an organizing job, you never know what to expect!  When you’re troubleshooting you need to solve whatever problems come up. But this is some of what will happen, in roughly this order, with overlap.

  • assessment – to determine your individual needs

    (this is usually done in person, but can be accomplished online using photos of your site, if distance makes it necessary)

  • planning – to decide what we would do together

    (I make recommendations, you give input, we visualize)

  • hands-on work – to do what needs to be done

    (this is you and me together)

  • setting up systems – to stay organized

    (we keep going…)

  • coaching – including assignments for you – to keep you on track

    (this can be done on the phone or online)

  • re-assessment – to make sure it’s working for you

    (follow up, and then follow up some more…)

  • fine-tuning – to keep on deepening your level of organization

    (we keep on looking at what we can improve)

  • maintenance – to make sure you STAY organized

    (this is a work in process…)

How I work for you – I can be your:
  • catalyst
  • energy pack
  • cheer leader
  • strategist
  • project manager
  • accountability partner
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